Hickory Hollow Gettysburg Battlefield horseback tours depart at the McMillan Woods Youth Campground.

Address: Hickory
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Directions to McMillan Woods Campground are as follows:
From downtown Gettysburg, take Rt.30 West for 8/10 of a mile.
Turn left on Seminary Ridge. Continue through two stop signs. Go straight at the traffic light - this is where Seminary Ridge becomes Confederate Ave. Continue on Confederate Ave for 7/10 of a mile. You will see a sign directing you to turn right on gravel road to McMillan Woods Youth Group Campground. Follow the road about 1/10 of a mile and you will see the horse trailer parking area.
If you are scheduled to go on a ride, please print and sign the release form and bring it with you.
Click here to print the release form. 





Be sure to look for our Hickory Hollow Farm truck and trailer when you get to the parking area. 

Google Map Directions