Book a Scenic Trail Ride or Historic Tour with a Licensed Battlefield Guide

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Normal tours are up to 10 people.
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$90 Book a 2 hour Licensed Battlefield Guided Tour

Ride from the Confederate Line to the Union Line. A Licensed Battlefield Guide will describe in detail the 3 days of Battle. You will see the Virginia Monument, cannons, The Spangler farm, Picketts' Charge, The Pennsylvania Monument, Little Round Top, and Big Round Top, The Trostle farm, photos taken and then return to McMillan Woods.

$70 Book a 1.5 Hour Scenic Trail Ride

Ride from the Confederate Battle Line to the Emmittsburg Road, where you can view the Union battle Line (Semitary Ridge) a trail guide will accompany you. You will see the Virginia Monument, cannons, the famous Spangler farm, a panoramic view of Little and Big Round Top and Picketts' Charge. Have a photo taken out in the middle of the Battlefield and then ride back to McMillan Woods.

$50 Book a 1 hour Scenic Trail Ride

Ride on the Confederate side of the Battlefield and get to the famous Spangler farm. Have your photos taken and then return to Mcmillan woods. You will see cannons and the Virginia monument!

An agreement and liability release form must be completed for each rider before the start of the tour.
For your convenience you can print and sign our release form ahead of time and bring it with you.