Meet our Family



Our huge Bay Roan Brabant gelding, very much a snuggler.

  • Taz



Bay Roan Barbant gelding, Very young and eager to go to work! 

  • James



Our young Blue Roan Brabant mare. She loves the Gettysburg trails and is very eager to work!

  • Skye



Huge Shire/Paint Cross gelding. Young, willing to work and loves to spend time with his friends on the battlefield! Owned by Liz Bailey

  • Sunny


Big Moe

Our young Sorrell Suffolk Punch gelding. Nickname "Slow Moe" because he moseys across the Battlefield.

  • Big Moe



Our Black Percheron/Morgan cross gelding. Don't let his looks deceive you, he's a big pushover. 

  • Levi



Palomino Haflinger gelding. New to Hickory Hollow, he is just a gem. Great for little tikes! 

  • Hanzi



Palomino Haflinger mare, loves her job. A big flirt with all the boys! 

  • Nicky



Young Palomino Haflinger mare, enjoys her job. Our silly girl who loves to be in the front of the line. 

  • Gracie



Black & White paint gelding. Our handsome boy, is great small adult / kid horse.  He is friends with everyone, a real sweetie. 

  • Maverick



Bay Morgan mare, great with children.   Owned by Terry Cartwright 

  • Spirit



Appaloosa mare, born and raised at Hickory Hollow, and awesome trail horse. She is Pam's Baby & a true Diva! 

  • Pebbles



Bay Haflinger gelding, best buddies with Zeke. A smooth, easy fun ride! 

  • Sammy



Quarter Horse gelding, great with small kids Owned by Liz Bailey 

  • Zeke



Fjord Appaloosa Cross gelding, young and loves learning his new job. 

  • Tinker



Fjord Mare, young and fiddley girl. Owned by Liz Bailey 

  • Leah


Fjord gelding, a guest at Hickory Hollow who works with us during the Summer. Owned by Sarina Shorey

  • Scotty & Sundance


Paint Draft Cross mare, our newest member. Young and learning her new job. Co-owned by Hickory Hollow & Brian Weigel

  • Maddie